Off Grid Solar Power Solutions & Standalone Solar Batteries

Energy Wise Group has Off Grid Solar Power Solutions ready to fit straight into existing solar systems. For a new installation click below to go to our Group partner off grid or grid connect solar systems to see full options.

Off Grid Solar Power Solutions

BIG or SMALL we can help, you don’t have to be a commercial project but we will give you the same support and service as if you were one of our large project partners, everyone is as equally important to the success of our business our project partners, small hobby farms or simply those who want to go off the grid and have their own stand alone solar power we can and do supply the answers.

Homes or Commercial installations already installed can have one of our units fitted directly to their current solar power system, little effort and cost effective.
Remote area installations (RAPs) Remote area solar systems integrated with smart standalone solar batteries allows for Off Grid Solar Power Solutions to be supplied in pre-assembled housings for rapid installation and connection of off grid power, we have off grid power units that can manage any off grid power demand combined with stand alone solar batteries.
Off grid power units built by our group specifically designed to service remote communities, communications towers and is now servicing Papua New Guinea (Nui Gini) and its close to town community and remote areas of the region.

Mine site co generation design, secure off grid power solutions totally transportable and relocatable, we can supply Off Grid Solar Power Solutions to operate accommodation or offices with our grid connect systems currently running of DG units.

Radio Tower – Communication Tower Power Systems

System Power, support and back up, we supply off grid power to remote communication towers with Solar power, Solar Batteries and Generator back up units. Our systems are designed to meet all national and international standards with a full power range 240V – AC – 48V-DC – 24V-DC systems./span>

Energy Wise Group is working closely with our supplier to provide Off Grid Solar Power Solutions that are easily installed and require very little maintenance.

Below are some pictures of the units and installations using Off Grid Solar power units.

he Chart above shows the amount of power available for your use, it shows the power available at different draw down levels, the recommended draw down on your standalone solar batteries under most standard warranties is no more than 25/35% of the total charge available, the sliding graph shows you your available daily Kw, the different colours show the different size systems in amp hours, for example if you wanted to run your average home which uses 21kW per day, we recommend you use the 720 Amp hour units with 5 kw of Solar power available for charging the system, the unit in this case is the Power Boss 600.
We have several solutions to meet any need, we are sending Off Grid Solar Power Solutions and stand alone power systems all over the world, stand alone power isn’t just for those all ready off grid its becoming more frequent to see stand alone power being installed in the residential space, energy power constantly going up stand alone now is an attractive option.