Grid connected battery storage Systems

Grid connected Batteries Brisbane, energy storage units can be connected to the grid to make the most out of the solar system currently installed or the whole battery storage system including solar panels, solar inverters and battery chargers can be fitted.

The battery energy management is the critical part of any energy storage design, if the batteries are not managed properly the life of the Gel battery or Lithium based energy storage will be significantly reduced.

The graph to the left shows a battery storage solution over 24 hour period, this off grid power system was design perfectly, the graph starts at midnight and  

finishes at midnight, you will note that the battery storage lasted till morning and was quickly recharged by 12 noon the same day this allowed for the solar system to produce energy to run the home keep the battery system charged and also fed back excess power to the grid, if your solution was off grid power the same would apply only the excess solar energy would have been controlled.
The above battery storage monitoring shows around added persons used the added appliances this increase the demand significantly, the added power demand in this case was reverse cycle air-conditioning for heating, the spikes seen are the air-conditioning units starting and quickly settling down to normal operating demand, the further spikes are the cooking and cycling of the air-conditioning units, TV and game stations.
This is a family of 5 with all 3 adult children at home.

The system size:

  • 6Kw of Solar Energy
  • 12kwh of battery storage
  • Usable energy at 90% depth of discharge, giving 10.8Kwh of actual usable energy daily.
  • Fully racked battery storage system
  • Online monitoring 24/7
  • Battery life guarantee of 10 years with expected life of 20 years