New opportunity to reduce power bills

Here at Off Grid Power Solutions the Energy Wise Group we have recently been offered a residential and commercial solution to heavily reduce your power bill and make the choice to go solar and battery easier on your back pocket.

There are 4 main opportunities

  1. 20% off EA electricity rates
  2. 5 year interest free period on purchases up to $26,000 on selected systems*
  3. $0.11/Kwh solar feed back
  4. Offset current and new energy rates between 3pm – 9pm

Solar Power Home Solutions

It is common knowledge that the rebate is reducing every year. So don’t delay switching to solar and battery storage. Give us a call today on 1800 862 288 or fill out the form on our “Contact” page so we can get in touch and destroy your power bills.

Products available for finance*:

  • Suntech Solar Panels
  • Redback Batteries
  • SMA Inverters