Meter Board Repairs made safe

Don’t Put your family your Home or Business at RISK

Meter Boards are a real concern, the older boards can have real safety issues and can cause serious damage to electrical components and can potentially burn out, or catch fire. The older type homes with porcelain fuses, no mains RCD, no trip switches, no meter Isolation Links, and poor quality backing boards made of flammable material such as wood or chip boards are the largest meter board fire risks.
The older porcelain fuses can vibrate in there cradle at a microscopic level causing hot joints which can become over heated and in some cases catch fire, these fuses should be replaced with current compliant breakers and isolation links.
The cost of replacing the existing meter board can vary from approximately $800.00 to $4,000, each home needs to be assessed before a solid price can be given, generally we can make a fair estimation from pictures of the meter board, pictures of the trip switches, meters and the over all view of the board will help.

After the upgrade is complete we will request your energy provider replace your existing meter to a new model to eliminate the risk caused from old meters, this is a very simple process, we will do all the paper work for you, all we need is your permission to help.

We can visit your home and make a report on the works needed and give an over all assessment of your electrical meter board, its the best $450.00 you will ever spend, don’t take the risk. Prices are vary depending on area. 

Below is an idea of what you should look for.