About Energy Wise Group

Energy Wise Group, was built on being at the forefront of SOLAR POWER PANEL installation, our products have all been tested to Australian standards and are Clean Energy Compliant.
ENERGY WISE GROUP is one of the few companies now certified as re seller and  installers of the TESLA Power Wall, Energy Wise Group constantly strives to remain ahead when it comes to new technology both for solar systems off grid energy and as seen by the training and certification by TESLA this remains a focus in areas of grid connect solar, off grid energy, stand alone solar systems and total off grid power solutions. 

The panels, off grid batteries, Tesla Power Wall, inverters and our solar batteries are of the highest quality and have been awarded A+ ratings by Photon Magazine in Germany which tests solar products worldwide, similar to Choice Magazine here in Australia.

Our aim is to constantly provide what we consider the best Panels matched with the best inverters, not based on the cheapest product available and supply clear information on Solar PV generation and its full potential in the residential setting or large scale commercial operations.

We check all the available data and Product specifications coupled with expected output, we then check the available warranty for the products, what support will be given in the event there is a malfunction at some point, our current range of panels has the standard warranty provided by most solar panel companies ,

To Ensure the system performs well we use computer modelling programs, the programs allow us to input the data from the Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, latitude, average roof pitch and components list, once this data is imputed, the modelling will tell us if the system is going to be efficient and well matched with the inverters and panels, if the match is not considered efficient we will not install the system requested, we will work with the customer to get the best result.

 All Energy Wise Staff have been tested and trained by our senior staff and outside specialists such as TESLA to ensure the installation of your solar power system meets all expectations, all Design and Installation Staff have been certified and all have necessary insurances to cover any property damage or lose as result of the installation.

We will not install a product based on price alone, we will not install product outside the specification recommended, and we will ensure your expectations are met on all occasions and current new standards set by Tesla Australia are adhered to